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Inspired by the hand crafted concrete environment in the Barbican Estate, ‘Brutalist Tapestry’ is a bespoke design from Jason Bruges Studio, commissioned by Culture Mile on the South side of Beech Street Tunnel in London, UK.

Along the 21 metre section of panels, the installation consists of three individually programmable arms and an array of analogue ‘pixels’. The three mechanical arms physically adjust the rotational position of the ‘pixels’ to gradually reveal a range of patterns and designs to passers-by. Images, video, sound and binary data can all be turned into tangible displays.

Brutalist Tapestry Beech Street Tunnel Jason Bruges Studio
Image by Jason Bruges Studio

A solid colour is displayed on each face of the three sided, vane shaped, ‘pixel’. The colour on each face is harmonic to the existing colour pallet of the walls throughout Beech Street tunnel.

In 2019, this artwork in Beech Street Tunnel was featured in the opening shot for the TV advert promoting the “Truth Project” campaign. This TV advert can be found on youtube.

Brutalist Tapestry Beech Street Tunnel Jason Bruges Studio
Image by Jason Bruges Studio

From an assembly of over a thousand individual components, Parallel Precision supplied 258 precision CNC machined components that went toward the final assembly. The scope of supply varied from a range of bespoke CNC turned parts and CNC milled components in an array of materials including aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

Testament to our rapid turnaround capabilities, all precision CNC milled and turned components were machined, inspected and delivered in under three weeks.

All components we fully CNC machined from solid billets. A small selection of the parts that made up this assembly can be seen below:

Aluminium CNC Milled Parts from UK Subcontractor
Image by Refrakt Media

Do you need CNC Machined Components like these?

Our team of time served, friendly engineers can quickly analyse your project requirements. To receive our best prices and lead times, submit your technical drawings or 3D CAD data today!

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