CNC Milling Capacity, Quick Turnaround

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At Parallel Precision, our machine shop and our engineers are always busy.

We work really hard to try and offer all of our customers across the UK lead times shorterthan 2 weeks. Whether or not we can always offer thisdepends upon several factors, including:

– Order quantities and production volumes
– Our current machining schedule and capacity
– Material finishing processes; anodising, plating etc
– Machine selection; CNC Milled or CNC Turned Components
– Material Type; Aluminium, Steel etc
– Part complexity

Sometimes, lead times shorter than this just aren’tpossible. However, throughout April and May 2016, we have capacity to offer rapid turnaround for all CNC Milled components on a first come, first served basis!

To make the most of our subcontract CNC Milling service, contact the team using ourrequest a quote page or via the email

On behalf of the whole team at Parallel Precision, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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