A selection of components manufactured by our outstanding engineers

Showcasing a small selection of components manufactured in house by our talented team of engineers at Parallel Precision. We periodically update this page to highlight some of the great projects we have had the opportunity to be involved with. All components have been CNC Milled or CNC Turned from a range of different materials at our UK based subcontract engineering facility in Gloucestershire.

If you are looking for a reliable, UK based subcontract engineering company that you can trust to deliver high quality precision CNC machined components to your exact specification, please get in touch and one of our engineers will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. Alternatively, email your drawings or 3D CAD models to projects@parallelprecision.co.uk

Aluminium Milled Part UK
CNC Milling Service Part
CNC Milled Electronic Housing Enclosure Aluminium
CNC Machined Aluminium Part
CNC Milled Aluminium Automotive Component
CNC Milled Aluminium Housing Prismatic
Precision CNC Milled Aluminium Component
5 Axis CNC Machined Steel Component
Plastic CNC Milled
Aluminium components for automotive industry
WNT Face Mill Being Probed on Renishaw Probe
5 Axis Aluminium CNC Machined Components
CNC Machined Acetal Components
Small CNC Turned Components Steel
Aluminium CNC Milled Parts from UK Subcontractor
CNC Machined Brass Components Turned Lathe
3 Axis CNC Milled Acetal Components
A Pair of CNC Milled Brass Components with undercut slot and threaded holes manufactured in house at Parallel Precision
CNC Turned Acetal Components
Several CNC Milled Components from Plastic aluminium and stainless steel
CNC Milled and Engraved EDM Wire Erosion Plate
Batch of stainless steel turned components
CNC Turned Acetal Plastic Stainless Steel Components Parallel Precision
Long CNC Milled Aluminium Components

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