What is a CNC mill and how does it work?

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CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled, and its a process that is controlled by a computer. The computer is programmed with a series of commands that tell it what to do and when. CNC machinery is generally used to cut and shape a range of materials.

The most commonly used programming language, which is understood by all machines, is G code. However, manufacturers often prepare their own proprietary language. This is often easier to use and understand, but it is still converted to G code for use by the machine itself.

How does this apply to a milling machine, and how exactly does it work? Lets take a look!

What is CNC milling?

Milling is a process through which raw materials are cut using a drill-like tool. This tool can operate in both the x and y axis to produce either finished items or the pieces to create finished items. CNC milling is simply this same process but controlled by a pre-programmed computer.

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