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New machine days are sometimes a struggle, but always exciting! At Parallel Precision, we recently invested in a new VMC. The addition of a new Hurco VM10i gives our manufacturing department even more CNC Milling Capacity.

The purpose of this new 3 axis machine is to offer reduced lead times on low to medium volume aluminium components. The advanced technologies of Hurcos own WinMAX control reduces cycle times by up to 30% while significantly increasing surface finish quality. To drastically reduce setup and non-cutting times, all of our machines feature the latest Renishaw Tool and Part probing systems.

The full specification of our new VM10i includes:

10,000 RPM Spindle
15 Horsepower Spindle
24 m/minute Rapid Traverse
20 Station Tool Carousel
Linear Rails for X, Y & Z Axis
2.4GHz Dual Core Processor

Additional Features:

Renishaw TS27R Tool Setting Probe
Renishaw OMP400 Part Setting Probe
Ultipocket, Adaptipath and Rest Machining Conversational Programming Package
Air Blast

Hurco VM10i Delivery Subcontract CNC Milling

Hurco VM10i Being Delivered at Parallel Precision

Hurco VM10i Delivery Subcontract CNC Milling

Hurco VM10i Being Unloaded at Parallel Precision

This investment further illustrates our dedication to offering “industry leading” rapid turnarounds. In addition to our reduced lead times, we now have capabilities to offer ‘in process inspection’. This means we can measure the geometries of components on the CNC machine, instead of removing them from the machining environment and taking them to the inspection department. This improves accuracy by eliminating the erroneous need for a re-setup after inspection.

Hey! Do you need CNC Machined Components?

Our team of time served, friendly engineers can quickly analyse your project requirements. To receive our best prices and lead times, submit your technical drawings or 3D CAD data today!

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