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UKAS Accredited ISO 9001:2015 Quality Managment System

As of April 2020, Parallel Precision Limited is now accredited to ISO 9001:2015, an internationally recognised quality management system. In this post, we will briefly explain how our customers will benefit from this.

To view or download our ISO 9001:2015 certificate, please click here.

What is ISO 9001?

In a nutshell, 9001 is a standard created by the International Standards Organisation, that defines the requirements for a companies Quality Management System. Continually meeting these requirements must be verified by both an internal and external party to gain certification. The latest version of this standard was released in 2015, as indicated by the term “ISO 9001:2015”.

What does UKAS mean?

Most companies use a third party consultant to help them implement ISO 9001. A conflict of interest is apparent if this consultant then certifies their own system. Quality Management Systems that are audited and certified by the same body that implemented them are viewed ineffective, incomplete or bias; to the extent that many large organisations refuse to recognise “non-UKAS” certification.

To achieve UKAS accreditation, the certification body must be totally independent to the consulting body that implemented the system. Therefore verification, external audits and certification of the quality management system are undertaken by a separate third party, eliminating any conflict of interest. This tighter measure reduces the likelihood of certification, but increases the effectiveness of approved systems.

Placing an order with a UKAS accredited ISO 9001:2015 company ensures your chosen suppliers Quality Managment System has been independently scrutinised and demonstrates a robust and compliant system for continuous improvement. The effectiveness of any non-UKAS accreditation should be questioned.

URS UKAS ISO 9001 accreditation certification Logo
Our Accreditation Body, "URS Holdings".

Benefits of choosing Parallel Precision as your supplier.

To name just a few of the ways you will benefit by choosing Parallel Precision as your supplier includes:

  • Delivering on promises. We audit all of our external supply chain to our strict criteria, including a comprehensive 43 question quality survey.
  • Efficiency. We continually monitor our outputs and look to implement improvements to reduce unwanted results and increase efficiencies.
  • Zero defects. We have a documented procedure to prevent Non Conforming Parts from reaching our customers.
  • Quality. Our Quality Management System is implemented at every stage of the company… including Quoting, Goods In, In Process and Dispatch.
  • Driving improvements. We implement and review targets annually to improve our working practices.
  • Satisfaction. We review customer satisfaction to make sure your exceptions are always met.
  • Assurance. Our systems, procedures and documentation is audited annually by a third party to make sure we are doing what we say we are going to do.

Quality is monitored at each stage of the manufacturing process, and this Quality Management System is at the core of our business.

Parallel Precision gives you peace of mind that when you use us to get your parts manufactured, you are sending them to a supplier that consistently delivers great results. The hard work in trying to find a quality subcontract engineering company is finally over.

Are you looking for a trustworthy supplier?

Get the quality you deserve and submit your technical drawings or 3D CAD data today! Be confident in placing an order with a company that won’t sacrifice quality for cost.

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