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Welcome to the revised website and new home of

Over the past 6 months we have been focusing on the complete redesign of our website, paying particular focus the the following 5 aspects of the site:

– Responsiveness
– Navigation
– Services Page
– Interactive “Request a Quote”
– Blog

Our newly revised and completely redesigned website now scales appropriately to suit all devices. The new website is now Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone friendly, providing an excellent user experience on all of your devices. Our new navigation bar, positioned vertically at the top of every page, provides easy navigation across our site. Quick links can also be found in the website footer, enabling clearer and faster navigation when you reach the bottom of a page.

Our Services page now incorporates all of our major subcontract engineering services, including:

CNC Milling
CNC Turning
Part Finishing

Alongside this, we are very excited to offer an interactive “Request a Quote” page. Here, you can securely share your project requirements with our engineers. From the information you provide us with, our engineers can analyse your requirements and quickly provide you with estimate production costs and timescales.

Finally, we launch our blog, allowing us to keep all of our existing and new customers updated with company news and important updates. This will be a great way of showcasing our achievements and highlighting the investments that Parallel Precision make in the subcontract engineering industry.

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